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Tiffany Dover

Tiffany Lashe Pontes Dover, 30, fainted after voluntarily receiving new coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine Pfizer Live on television. She recovered shortly after and said she was fine but many Americans are now concerned about the rumor that it is being claimed that she has died.

Pfizer is located in New York, United States. After receiving from the Emergency Use Authority US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)Pharmaceutical Corporation was given permission to begin distribution of its vaccines in the US on December 11, 2020.

Dover lives with her husband and their two children in Higdon, Alabama, USA. She works as a nurse manager Catholic Health Initiative (CHI) Memorial Hospital In Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States.

Dover was one of the first staff members of CHI Memorial Hospital on December 17, 2020 Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 Vaccine. Standing on the podium, he spoke to the media about what it meant for him and his medical unit to get the vaccine.

“It’s really… excuse me,” Dover said. “I feel very dizzy. Forgive me…”

The nurse placed her hand on her head and then started to walk away from the podium. When she slipped on the floor, her colleagues quickly came to her aid.

Minutes later, Dover spoke again and spoke to the media. It turns out that he has a condition Vasovagal syncope.

News Channel 9 quoted Dover as writing, “It just happened to me suddenly.” “I could feel it. I felt a bit disinterested but I feel fine now and have a pain in my arm. “

A website registers Dover as a dead man but its legitimacy is under question. On the other hand, her social media accounts neither confirm nor confirm the rumors about her death despite comments asking about her condition.

CHI Memorial Hospital has issued a statement claiming that Dover is recovering at home. Nevertheless, he himself has yet released a statement or a post on social media to address rumors about his death.

(This is a developing story. As soon as official statements are received from the family, confirmation about his condition will be added here.)

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