Is this UFO at NASA a documentary proof of an alien art?


A video of NASA's archive footage of a 2011 rocket launch is generating controversy after the discovery of a mysterious white UFO.

While the boom of the & # 39; 90 in the UFO sightings may have decreased in the era of the smartphone camera, there is still a central group of dedicated truthers ] who are eager to find proof of the presence of advanced extraterrestrial life visiting our planet for unknown purposes.

A video, uploaded to YouTube channel UFO Today, argues that this object is possibly a White Knight Satellite, a twist on the existing Black Knight Satellite conspiracy. It has already been doing rounds on the Internet for several decades.

The UFO appeared part of the way through the launch of space shuttle Endeavor, at the point where the shuttle lost one of its impellers. The UFO appears for a few seconds in the images that NASA has launched, which is probably the reason why it has gone unnoticed for so long.

The UFO Today video slows down the footage to give a better view of the supposed satellite than any previously seen. According to the video, depending on the size of this object, it must be at least as large as the booster itself, which, it is argued, means that it probably is not a large portion of ice or something similarly benign.

It's a very compelling story, and one that becomes even more dramatic thanks to the creepy music that UFO Today plays about the footage – clearly, the basic formula of a UFO conspiracy theory video has not changed since the peak of the ] X-Files cultural boom.

Despite the appeal of the video, however, it is hard to believe that this is really the definitive proof of some kind of NASA conspiracy to keep us in the dark about the existence of aliens. .

If NASA really tried to hide the existence of extraterrestrials, there is no reason for this filming to be allowed online in the first place. Nor would it make sense for NASA to launch a rocket that would approach the flight path of an alien ship.

If, on the other hand, NASA had no knowledge of this alien satellite before the Endeavor booster almost collided with that, presumably someone in the space agency would have already made a big deal about it. After all, NASA is eagerly looking for intelligent life in other parts of the universe; It is hard to believe that no one discovered an extraterrestrial spaceship at that time.

The people of NASA probably ignored this because it is very clear that it is not important. If it is not a large portion of ice, it is another type of garbage that was part of the launch: the chances of two unrelated objects getting so close during the launch are too small for it to be an accidental coincidence. revealed an extraterrestrial spaceship that looks suspiciously like a large mbad of random remains.

Also, it's a bit of an exaggeration to imagine changing the existing Black Knight Satellite myth, reversing its color in order to tie this piece of space together. junk to an existing conspiracy theory. But, then, these kinds of theories are rarely particularly consistent in their claims.

Unfortunately, we still have no proof that the aliens have visited the Earth. The so-called White Knight satellite will have to continue to exist along with Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster as icons of pop culture that exist purely thanks to unstable camera technology.

Reality is much more boring, and in any case, even more frightening. Many scientists argue that, at this point, we really should have found definitive evidence of alien life.

It is possible that we will soon have to face facts and accept that we are really alone in the universe, making our whole existence meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

On the contrary, the existence of some kind of government conspiracy that is hiding foreigners seems relatively happy to us.

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