Is this the Corvette of the central engine before you're supposed to see it?

We're almost halfway through the Corvette engine, officially scheduled for a week starting Thursday. But the closer we get, the more leaks will jump. First we saw the back of the thing, and here is what the Corvette C8 2020 aims to be, really, with the engine behind the driver and everything. Even if the image is a bit blurry.

First posted, from what we can see, as part of a video on Youtuber Street Speed ​​717 (it's around 6:57), it looks like it was a quick picture of a cell phone taken at a General Motors facility, with the darkened background:

We are not yet officially declaring "THIS IS", but it is close enough to all the prototypes we have seen that are quite convincing.

Take this, the back picture, and some indoor shots floating around, the noise of the escape and the boom, there you have it. A look at the central engine Corvette.

H / t to Brian Williams!

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