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New paper revealed microorganisms can stay for a number of hundreds of thousands of years beneath Mars’ floor. This means that extraterrestrial life might be current on the Red Planet. 
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A Russian man with superior expertise shares his previous life on Mars. His claims depart some specialists puzzled and conspiracy theorists hopeful.

For a number of years, life outdoors Earth piqued the curiosity of many. Some even have plans of constructing a Mars Science City inside a century.

However, current claims of a person who lived on Mars in his previous life could seem weird and fascinating.

The Story Of The Man From Mars

The 21-year-old Boriska Kipriyanovich from Volgograd, Russia mentioned that he was a citizen of the Red Planet earlier than he got here to Earth, including a nuclear warfare occurred that destroyed the whole lot. He additionally mentioned that life nonetheless exists on Mars.

“People like us still live there. There was a nuclear war between them. Everything burnt down,” mentioned Kipriyanovich in an interview. “Only some of them survived. They built shelters and created new weapons.”

Kipriyanovich additionally mentioned that he communicated with historical Egyptians and traveled to Earth, even providing particulars about unlocking the Great Sphinx of Giza and its potential to vary the Earth drastically.

For his dad and mom, Kipriyanovich’s claims have weight since he exhibited superior expertise at a younger age. His mom shared that his son talked months after he was born. Adding that in his rising up years, he would have detailed details about Mars and the planetary techniques even with out anybody educating him.

The earlier report about alien towers noticed on Mars appears to place weight on Kipriyanovich’ statements.

Can Mars Indeed Support Life?

Earlier this 12 months, researchers beforehand reported a few of the chemical substances current on Martian soil, when uncovered to radiation, are too poisonous to badist life. However, a current paper recommended that microorganisms survived beneath the floor of the Red Planet for hundreds of thousands of years. This new growth appears to badist the presence of extraterrestrial life.

The scientists needed to take a look at the response of microbes with gamma radiation. Since this radiation might be doubtlessly harmful for the Red Planet, the group mimicked the Martian setting in a low-temperature and low-pressure local weather chamber.

They noticed that, even after the radiation, the microorganisms withstood the dehydrated situations and even retained their metabolic exercise. They additionally famous that because the microbes would go deeper; their publicity to radiation is lesser — enabling them to outlive at better depths. Organisms about 16 toes down have the potential to outlive for as a lot as 20 million years.

“The results of the study indicate the possibility of prolonged cryoconservation of viable microorganisms in the Martian regolith,” defined examine coauthor Vladimir S. Cheptsov, a post-graduate pupil on the Lomonosov MSU Faculty of Soil Science, Department of Soil Biology. “The data obtained can also be applied to badess the possibility of detecting viable microorganisms at other objects of the Solar System and within small bodies in outer space.”

The paper was printed in Extremophiles on Nov. eight.

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