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Is Kit Harington at Golden Globes 2018? He had an evil Globes Eve …

Game of Thrones will not be back in 2018, so red carpet events like the Golden Globes are our only chance to see some of our favorite Westeros stars. Is Kit Harington at Golden Globes 2018? He did it, and it's an awesome feat.

Why? Jon Snow's actor was spotted the night before the biggest Hollywood feast on the other side of the country. According to TMZ, he was physically fired from Barfly, an establishment in New York City that reportedly enjoys too much and annoys other customers. He was caught in security scenes discussing a game of pool, to be specific.

According to People he was there with his fiancee, former Game of Thrones (writer: Vanessa Taylor), actor Rose Leslie, and his brother. Those who show up at the Golden Globes or who only attend them, often require a lot of preparation, so this is not a good omen for Jon Snow who rocks on the red carpet this year.

However, Harington is presenting tonight, and was seen earlier on Sunday at the Haiti Rising gala event in Hollywood with his partner Emilia Clarke, according to Page Six. The official name of the event is Sean Penn & Friends Haiti Rising Gala, which benefits the J / P Haitian Relief Organization.

Although Harington was not the first to jump out of the limousine, he came to the red carpet of the one-piece Balloons. He did it! Harington also opted for all blacks, in solidarity with Hollywood women and the Time & # 39; s Up movement. That is not the greatest feat for male actors, who usually wear tuxedos, but added a black shirt . ] and a black bow tie as a whole.

At the Globes, Harington and Clarke will be performing, so prepare your "sending heart." Even if you are not the biggest fan of Daenerys and Jon Snow together, it will be good to see the two monarchs together again.

This week, HBO confirmed that Game of Thrones (director: Michelle MacLaren) will not be back until 2019. While fans have been picking up on that for a while when they interpreted comments from stars like Sophie Turner, who interprets Sansa Stark, this confirms our fears.

As for the Golden Globes, Game of Thrones (casting: Carla Stronge), the star Gwendoline Cristie is also there. It's not a full meeting of Westeros on the red carpet, but it's close.

Harington and his co-stars can even get close to the trophies. The HBO series is nominated for Best Television Series, Drama. That's it, which is a pain after a stellar season. Fortunately, the grand finale will knock the Emmys and Golden Globes out of the park.

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