Is it safe to travel after my Kovid vaccine? What about herd immunity?

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Vaccines are slowly but surely rolling around the world. Does this mean that it is time to think about travel yet?

The tourism industry would like to say yes. According to the latest data of The World Travel and Tourism Council, published in early November, estimated travel restrictions due to the coronavirus virus epidemic to take $ 4.7 trillion from global GDP in 2020.

But medical professionals still urge caution – a message that will remain mandatory even if individuals have been vaccinated against Kovid-19.

Among his warnings: Vaccines are not 100% effective; It takes weeks to make an immunity (After Second shot), little is known about the ability to transmit Kovid-19, even after vaccination; And herd immunity will go a long way. He agrees that the risks will remain, but that freedom of movement between viruses-protected individuals can be safely increased – at least for certain types of travel.

Yes, you still have to wear a mask.

Here you will need to know more about travel safety in the coming months, whether you have already got your shot or are looking for normalcy somewhere on the horizon.

What we know, and what we don’t

Kovid-19 vaccines are approved to date in both the US and Europe, which have been proved Extraordinarily safe, effective and yet the strongest tool in dealing with epidemics. Nevertheless, the known are unknown, especially when it comes to possible virus transmission after vaccination.

How to think about travel is related now that Kovid vaccines are out

A nurse at NYU-Langone Hospital in New York administered a vaccine.

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This question boils down to one point: Clinical trials for currently approved vaccines, including Pfizer and Moderna, did not include routine PCR testing of study participants. Cleveland Clinic’s infectious disease specialist Drs. Kristin Englund states that with no data about their ability to carry the virus, there is enough conclusive evidence to suggest that 95% effective protection from symptomatic infection is achieved.

“For the most part, if you are vaccinated against [a disease]—From chicken pox or measles — you should not be able to transmit that virus to anyone else, ”says Anglund, stating that Kovid-19 or its related vaccines should behave differently, with no known reason. Is not. “I hope we see the same [with Covid-19 vaccines as well]But we have to wait until the study proves that before we can lower our guard. “

There are other important unknowns as well. “To see a vaccine that is 95% effective – those are remarkable numbers, which is far better than we already anticipated” “But we don’t yet have the ability to know who will have a good response [to the vaccine] And which will be one of the 5%.

How to think about herd immunity

Another unknown, to some extent, is what it will take To gain herd immunity.


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