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Is it creepy to call a six-year-old girl the most beautiful girl in the world?

A Russian model, only six years old, has been called the "most beautiful girl in the world", and people are torn between whether it's true or simply chilling.

Anastasia Knyazeva, who turned six in July, has 561,000 Instagram Followers in an account run by her mother. It came to world attention this week after a Daily Mail article highlighted its beauty. Anastasia is represented by the Russian modeling agency President Kids Management and her mother has been sharing pictures of her from behind the scenes since she was only four years old.

Responding to the Daily Mail article, which called Anastasia the most beautiful girl in the world, Mama Anna said: "Thank you, very unexpected, but certainly nice."

Anastasia has received innumerable sexual comments of varying degrees on her Instagram page, ranging from "What a cute baby" to "those beautiful eyes". However, hundreds of people have said online this week that calling her the most beautiful girl in the world is chilling and sets unrealistic expectations.

One person on Twitter said: "Proclaiming girls" the most beautiful girl in the world. "It is extremely disturbing, let them be children by shouting out loud." Another user called it "absolutely s ** t parenting".

Comments in the Daily Mail article saw a mixed response. Some were negative: "This is disgusting, we encourage something that none of us wants, let the child be a child" and "Why can not you just let her" be a girl "instead of thinking about her appearance?" Others called him "sick" and "spooky", saying "let little girls be small."

Others took the opposite path, calling Anastasia "beautiful as sunlight", a "sweet little angel", and another said that she had "beautiful big eyes". One particularly disturbing comment said: "Fear that she will be beautiful!"

Many others called her beautiful, but they denounced the fact that she was plastered on Instagram at such a young age, questioning why adults would follow a six-year term. old in social networks.

Talking about children on social media, psychologist Emma Kenny told Yahoo: "The problem with the baby brand is that you are first sharing information without their permission, and secondly you are creating a voice that it's not really yours, and this means that people are getting to know you and not your son. "

Photographer Lance Burkitt also expressed concern that the photos of Anastasia have been retouched and retouched, and the effect it may have on other children. He said on Twitter: "Could those images be more retouched? What signal does this send to children? The most beautiful girl in the world, has to be retouched to death …"

It seems that Anastasia is following her. steps of the French model Thylane Blondeau, who was also nicknamed as the most beautiful girl in the world at age six. Now 16, she is a brand ambassador for L & # 39; Oréal and a signatory for the IMG modeling agency.

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Thylane Blondeau, now 16, was nicknamed the most beautiful girl in the world 10 years ago .
Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

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