Is it COVID-19 or Wildfire Smoke in California, Oregon and Washington, Frontline Docks Out Freaking

When Bill Topher was doing his Wednesday outing for Portland Street Medicine, a group that provides care and advice to people without housing in the city of Oregon, he looked up to the sky with concern: the clouds were dense and deep that it It reminded him of the tornado season in the Midwest, where he once lived. But those clouds were indeed smoke from the dangerously contained wildlife floating across the American West.

By Thursday, this smoke will settle in a later fog in the city.

While it is still early in the 2020 wildfire season, the amount of fires – and over 2 acres – has already set records. Sickai orange-red skies and ash showers have become common places from Washington State to Southern California, and air quality advisories have been issued from Seattle to Colorado.

But the real danger for those under the smoke is not something you can capture on Instagram. It is a microscopic PM2.5 particle, small bits of carbon, 30 times smaller than the width of the hair, which can cause asthma-like symptoms in healthy people, and especially for vulnerable populations – and including death. – Worse results. And doctors on the frontline, like Toepper, worry about this unprecedented fire season, which is now accompanied by an epidemic to overcome new health nightmares.