Is ‘Host’ really scary? What critics say about a zoom-based horror film

If the coronovirus epidemic was your only concern during quarantine, the “host” may make you reconsider.

Available on the streaming service Shudder, the horror film, directed remotely by Rob Savage and shot at actors’ homes, follows a group of friends who decide to keep a grip on the zoom during the coronovirus lockdown and Eliminate an evil spirit. “Host” currently boasts a full 100% freshness rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

But how scary can a film on Zoom really be?

Although its premise may seem infrequent, most critics agree: the “host” serves severe fear.

USA Today’s Brian Tritt praised the film’s innovative format for its footage format.

“For less than an hour, the cleverly found footage formula in the film and on our already shattered nerves plays well,” he wrote.

According to the New York Times’ Kyle Turner, the film’s premise about a demon via a zoom call “seems to speak to a collective ID” and would serve as “an analogy for the mourning of recent times.” is.

He wrote, “The host ‘unnaturally points to an uncertain future, clashing together the supernatural, ephemeral and material world.” “This brief, entertaining spin on the ghost story proposes that perhaps the modern world is a haunted house.”

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Through Trees, Catherine McLaughlin agreed that the film was effectively based on people’s epidemiological concerns.

“Host” captures the mood of the lockdown and the current moment in time where everyone is trying to put on a brave face, but as things get worse, it becomes difficult to hold it all together, “She wrote.

Although he called the film’s premise “absurd”, “The Guardian’s Benjamin Lee noted that the characters in the” host “react and behave in a reliable manner.

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“In the film world, the virus exists, but at this stage, it is rarely commented on – a mask here, a joke about a cough there – and while there may be some ‘lemme go probe noise’ moment, The interaction between the actors feels real, as if we were actually seeing a group of friends facing supernatural threats, “he wrote.” It’s really this concerted effort to sell what is happening that makes us Allows forgiveness for some time. ”

Moorjani Rawls of Substream Magazine praised the film’s ability to create tension, calling the “host” an “effective, agile and terrifying affair”.

“With the epidemic, many of us may feel lonely and sad,” he wrote. “Dark Corner in the hallway is even more intense because you’ve been on your own for so long. This film could have easily focused on just that aspect. Instead, it recognizes this and makes that idea a horror. K holds in the wheelhouse. Something. You can’t attack your friends and for the most part, you can’t meet them. ”

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