Is fever a good gatekeeper for Kovid?

The CDC stated, “We now have a better understanding of the Kovid-19 transmission that indicates symptom-based screening, as its impact is limited because people with Kovid-19 have no symptoms or fever or mild symptoms at the time of screening Can, “the statement.

Infectious disease specialist of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Drs. David Thomas said that temperature testing is similar to checking oil before going on a long car trip. “It makes you feel better, but it doesn’t keep you from stopping the car or stopping the tire from falling. It is not going to make your journey more secure. “

“It’s something you can do, and it makes you feel like you’re doing something,” he said. “But it won’t catch most people who are spreading Kovid.”

Most people who speak fever feel the heat, and will probably cancel their dinner plan, Dr. Thomas McGinn, senior vice president and deputy physician head of Northwell Health. He said that some people who are unaware of their fever may be involved in the temperature check.

But the absence of fever “means nothing,” he said. “This is not a very sensitive test.”

However, it gives a strong public health message, serving as a reminder that people should take precautions, and this in itself can be of benefit, Drs. McGinn said. “It makes people think twice, and reminds them that this is a big thing, we still need to be careful, you need someone to stand through the door to do this,” he said.

But here’s the rub: While fever may be a symptom of Kovid-19, the disease caused by coronovirus, not everyone infected with the virus develops fever or many other symptoms. Physicians writing in the New England Journal of Medicine called the occurrence of the symptomatic event the “Akilis heel” of Kovid-19 epidemic control.

Evidence of epidemic outbreaks begins early in the epidemic, but has been increasing since then. A recent study in South Korea, published in JAMA Internal Medicine in August, offered even more evidence, which found that infected individuals who do not feel ill may have the same virus in their nose, throat and lungs – and Almost long.

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