Is Drew Scott a real Realtor?

For older people at HGTV reality shows, they may be interested in watching Estate brothers. One of the hosts is Drew Scott, and he helps the members of the house find the house neglected, while his brother, Jonathan Scott renovates the house. The show can be difficult to cast because one of the requirements is a renovation and design budget of at least $ 90,000.

The series became popular among fans. It is the perfect combination of home buying and renovation. But is Drew Scott a real realtor?

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All about ‘Property Brothers’

Estate brothers Is a television series starring Drew Scott and his twin brother, Jonathan. Scott is a real estate expert who seeks homes for clients, and his brothers renovate them to find what the homeowners want.

The show aims to help homebuyers find the right home and make it their own. However, this is usually done on a strict budget and schedule. The two brothers told HGTV that they show people how to make the most of their small budget.

“We’re giving them hope that they can live a life they want to live,” Scott said. He and his brother believe that every household has the potential to be beautiful. Once the homebuyers decide what to buy the house and what they want in it, the brothers have to work.

Not only do homeowners get to renovate their new homes, but they also keep all the furniture. The brothers will also incorporate emotional pieces into the design of the house.

Other projects worked by Drew Scott

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whereas Estate brothers Having been a staple on HGTV for a long time, this is not Scott’s only project. She discovered acting before becoming a TV reality star. She had a guest appearance on the show Smallville. They also played themselves Playing house.

Scott and his brother wrote their first book in 2016 titled Dream Homes: The Property Brothers’ Ultimate Guide to Finding and Fixing Your Perfect House. They also wrote a memoir together. It to: two story How brothers and sisters rose to fame.

Scott has worked on several spinoffs, such as buying and selling And Brother vs brother. He also helped in production Estate Brothers: Forever Home. There is more in store for Drew as HGTV has plans for him and Jonathan. Some of his plans include a podcast and a magazine.

Drew Scott holds his license in real estate

Scott recognized that he is an expert when it comes to real estate. Part of their job in the show is finding homeowners the right home to buy and renovate. However, some viewers wonder how long he has been a real estate agent.

Scott is a licensed real estate agent. He got his license back in 2004, according to Real Estate Magazine. He and his brother formed an investment company called Scott Real Estate that same year. The TV host has been a realtor for almost 16 years.

However, Scott gained real estate experience before obtaining a license. He started working in the industry at the age of 18. He and Jonathan bought their first home while they were still students at the University of Calgary.

They then rented out the rooms to the students for $ 800 a month. For many years, he used local realtors to invest in residential properties. Realtors often told them that some investments were impossible. Eventually, Scott obtained his license after proving him wrong several times, and it has clearly served him well.

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