Is CT responsible for the lockdown? Know here what is new health data

CONNECT – When asked on Thursday during a news conference if he was considering another state lockdown, Gov. Ned Lamont flat-out said “no.”

The answer came as a relief to thousands of restaurants, retailers and other non-commercial businesses. The governor’s lockdown order imposed in the spring sent many enterprises into a tailspin from which they would never recover.

But a lot happened last week, making it difficult for the governor to keep his promise. On Thursday, 2,746 new coronovirus cases were announced – the highest single-day total since the epidemic. Not seen since spring, the daily positive test rate was 6.37 percent. And another 11 deaths occurred, bringing the death toll to 4,737.

Earlier in the week, LaMont said he pays the most attention to hospitalization from a crisis management standpoint. By the end of the week, there was a lot to notice. On Thursday, the hospital increased from 42 to 659, more than double the previous few weeks.

How far can you travel? Not many options.

On Tuesday, the state and public representatives’ latest map off-limits inbound travelers, which has not been released by the state’s Department of Public Health. At first glance it appeared to be bleeding:

Red’s states and territories are on Connecticut’s Coronovirus Travel Advisory until Tuesday. (Connecticut Department of Public Health)

He is very red.

Passengers from the Red Zone territories must quarantine for 14 days or produce a negative COVID-19 test result 72 hours prior to arrival.

In the spring, Connecticut and New York were coronovirus hot spots, and the rest of the country was not really sure what all the plays were about. Subsequently, many health care workers packed a bag and traveled east for freelance to area hospitals on the prefix of COVID-19. The salary was attractive. Now, the health care crisis is in those out-of-state workers’ own facilities, and no one is traveling anywhere. If Connecticut is facing a winter hospital crisis, it will have to meet with mostly local talent.

Latest coronavirus warning level shows too much red

Inside Connecticut, our own red zone map got more flush on Thursday:

That too red colored. A total of 100 municipalities now have a COVID-19 infection rate above 15 cases per 100,000 people per day. Connecticut’s red zone list is barely a month old, and only started from four cities. As of Thursday, another 37 cities were in the state’s orange zone with 10 and 15 cases per 100,000 people.

The fate of schools in CT?

Several school systems have recently announced a return to distance education in Connecticut, but many districts are still in-person and others are offering a hybrid model.

Will all schools return to distance education later than before? For some no one knows, but related to the latest transitions involving students and staff.

For the week of September 2, there were zero student cases and nine employee cases, according to the state’s Department of Public Health. The number remained relatively low until the week of 21 October and has steadily increased since then.

In the past week, 328 staff members in Connecticut schools have contracted coronovirus and 675 student cases. Both numbers represent more than 35 percent growth before the week.

The largest percentage of new coronovirus cases in schools is in the hybrid model.

The governor’s office and US senators were impacted

And finally, like some Greek tragedy plot twists, Lamont’s own director of communications, Max Race, tweeted late Friday that he tested positive for COVID-19, sending the governor’s office into quarantine . The case is the first known in the governor’s office since the epidemic began.

US Sen. Chris Murphy said he is splitting up after attending an event with Lamont late last week.

“I attended an event yesterday with the governor, but were not in touch with a staff member who tested positive,” Murphy said Saturday. “With an abundance of caution, however, I am falling apart until I do the test and consult the attending physician’s office on Monday morning.”

US Sen. Richard Blumental said, “I hope all of the governor’s staff are doing fine. Although I was not as determined by the CDC as was defined by the CDC, with those employees who have tested positive , I have just been tested. Self-immolated myself and currently. “

If Lamont decides to trigger a lockdown, he will not be alone. New Mexico Village. Michelle Luzon Grisham has issued a domestic order starting Monday that will ban non-business businesses and nonprofits from operating in-business by the end of the month. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown issued a two-week “freeze” starting Wednesday, with employees in offices calling for work from home. Bars and restaurants will be limited to takeouts only and gatherings will be limited to six people with no more than two houses.

Vaccine update

Even with the lockdown, there is still a bright spot: Pfizer announced Monday that their coronavirus vaccine was 90 percent effective in Stage 3 trials, putting them on target to receive emergency approval from the federal government by the end of November .

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former head of the US Food and Drug Administration and a member of the Pfizer board, predicted vaccines would first be made available to high-risk populations. They will then be provided to as many people as possible until mass inoculation is possible. But that won’t happen until the summer of 2021, he predicted.

So, is Connecticut on track for another lockdown? Again, Lamont said no. But that was on Thursday afternoon, and on Friday, the New York government. Andrew Cuomo invited him and the governors of New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania to an emergency summit this weekend. The agenda will be how to address the growing COVID-19 cases among the northeastern states and coordinate their responses.

The six northeastern region governors are coordinating their lockdown strategy? We won’t know until Monday, most likely.

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