Is Cleveland a possible exchange partner for Miami?

You've heard it before. The Miami Dolphins attack plan to fix this list involves badigning draft picks. Many of them. Because the more tickets for the raffle you have, the more chances you have to win. Except in this raffle, you can select your prizes by hand.

So ignore when they ask you "How high does Miami need to go to recruit a quarterback in 2019?That is against the plan, for now. Once you have enough badets collected so that you can exchange them without mortgaging your future, then we are in for something.

But in the meantime, wait for any dolphin trade to take place on the day of the draft. downnot up. The Dolphins still do not have the capital project they want. They have extra selections of 2020, but not early round selections. That's where the trade reduction options come into play. Depending on how far Miami wants to trade down, they could add a first or second round selection for 2020 to their collection.

Could the Dolphins have a partner in the Cleveland Browns?

You read it well. This is the most aggressive case possible. The Cleveland Browns are all-in in 2019. They switched their No. 17 pick to Odell Beckham, but recent reports suggest that the Browns may want to return to the first round. Very good, Mr. Dorsey. Let's make a Deal.

There is no clear way to define the value of selections and what is an equal performance, although there are several schools of thought. One was referred by former Cowboys and Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson in the 1990s: A graph of draft selection values ​​intended to summarize the values ​​of each selection.

The exchange of 13 to 49 would be steep, but that gives the Dolphins enough influence to ask for the moon.

For example, the election of the second and third round of Cleveland this year will also require the selection of the first round next year at least.

The 13th overall Miami team is valued at 1150 points according to the Johnson table, the second and third of Cleveland combine for 600, leaving the Browns 550 points (or approximately the 35th overall selection) below the compensation . And considering that the Browns are expected to compete in 2019, asking for a late first-round pick is fine within the Miami reason, considering they can charge "interest" for their lack of performance in the first year.

All this depends on who is on the board at age 13. If Miami has a player that they love, stay firm and choose. But if the board runs out of options? An aggressive agreement will generate the most profitability in the future and may also offer Miami a wide selection this year.

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