Is baby care safe for workouts? Fitness trainer criticized for exercising with the baby –

Is baby care safe for workouts? Fitness trainer criticized for exercising with the baby


It is a mistake to think that using your baby while exercising is not safe for you or your child. Using your baby in a sling, coat or baby carrier and then exercising correctly can be rewarding for both the father and the baby.

Parents can include their children in their workouts instead of using them as an excuse for not exercising. The practice of involving babies in the exercise regime will have the following benefits:

  • One can have more time to exercise.
  • Exercising is just as good for children.
  • Playing and doing exercises with the baby can create a great bonding and also helps to know much more about the child's personality.

According to Nicole Crawford, certified yoga instructor and female fitness specialist, it is strongly recommended to work with the baby from the beginning.

Writing on his Breaking Muscle website, he says that carrying a baby while working helps the mother and baby develop strength. This also helps babies who sleep less to sleep well.

According to a Hindustan Times report, Tabitha Thomas, a certified fitness trainer and co-founder of Babyfitjoy, a training program for babies, said: "Working with external resistance." it has always been encouraged to incorporate the use of weights or resistance bands, for example, it helps to increase endurance, strength and cardiovascular health in general. "

He added:" Carrying a baby and training with your baby can have important health benefits if done correctly. Safety is paramount, but as long as caregivers adhere to safety standards suggested by fitness experts, these trainings will have an added benefit of bonding with your child and having a happier, safer and more intelligent baby. "

However, running or jogging is never advisable when carrying a baby.

According to an article in Lille Baby, Natasha, the owner of Fit Mama Santa Barbara, recommends that certain things should definitely be considered before doing The baby suggests that if the baby is less than six months old, he should wear it in the front, looking in. He suggests that the legs are in a comfortable M position, and that the head and neck are in a comfortable position. supported with a hood. [19659002] Because babies sometimes find it difficult to regulate their temperature, it is important to take breaks so that the child feels comfortable. If the baby is more than six months old, he discourages exercises that involve jumping or running.

Mbady Arias, a celebrity trainer and CoverGirl ambbadador who has accumulated millions of followers on social media platforms with her training tips and short videos, was recently criticized after she posted a video of her exercise while using the baby.

Arias, from Los Angeles, could be seen exercising in a gym with her daughter strapped to her back. The opinions were mixed, as some of his followers said he was doing well by involving his daughter in his training; but there were also others who said he ignored the child's safety.

In March, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a video of him working with his daughter Maxima strapped to his back. Even then there were concerns that Zuckerberg was putting his daughter at risk.

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