Is 512GB enough storage for the new Xbox series S?

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This week we ask Kotaku: Is 512GB enough storage for Microsoft? Bus announcement, Next Generation Console Xbox Series S?

it's a metaphor.

it’s a metaphor.
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I am too lazy to load the dishwasher. When I finish, it looks like a Jenga Before the tower collapses. Super inefficient. As a result a lot of leftover dishes in the sink. “When the dishwasher is finished, I’ll remove all the clean stuff them In and play it again, “I think to myself. And then I go to sleep, and it is finally morning, and now I have to remove the dishwasher And Load it up, but I don’t have my coffee yet so I don’t and before I know it it’s a kitchen mess and somehow we’re still out of clean ink.

The moral of the story is that if I am not able to afford the extra brain power then I will find out how I can clean all my dishes at once so that I do not understand the best way Jenga There is dirt out of 512GB so I can actually play all the games I want to play when I want to play them. The games are huge now. They need frequent updates. Many of them are now also live-service, built around 30 minutes on: Gaming Gaming Rocket league, On an hour Final Fantasy XIV, Finish something Destiny 2 Reward, cleaned out in an enemy camp Tsushima’s ghost.

My PS4 is 500GB and I can barely fit eight games on it. I have no idea what the next-gen will bring, but by no means a very small game with fewer updates it doesn’t look like it’s in the card and I spend 15 minutes every night trying to upload and download and Ethernet cord I am not ready to hunt so it does not take all eternity. I basically already do this on my PC, which for the last five years has completely stayed away from 256GB SSDs. That shit is fast. It hardly even fits Fantasy star online 2. I’m not going to have a whole other console gene through that myself

good night sweet prince.

good night sweet prince.
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No, that’s not enough, but yes, it really is. Listen to me. As new games are now 80–90 gigabytes, a 512GB hard drive is simply not enough. but! With cloud storage to keep up with my progress and the ability to buy games whenever I want, there is the ability to reduce it no matter what. By the way – and I imagine the busiest millennials – playing games means that even if my hard drive is in capacity (and looking at my PS4, it is) I never do all four or five games simultaneously I’m playing who will take it, fill that thing. So when a new game arrives I am happy to remove the empty space. Say i want to get rid Kingdom Hearts III.

If it can't brick a phone already. [taps temple]

If it cannot brick a phone already. [taps temple]
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Reminds me of the early days of smartphones when an entry-level model would come with 8 or 16 GB of storage. This will prove to be sufficient for basic usage, but after installing the app and adding some music you will find yourself wishing that you could justify the unreasonable premium for the 32GB version. In 2020, games regularly consume tens of gigabytes and sometimes exceed a hundred, 512 GB is the absolute minimum a “next generation” system can offer with a straight face. And like with those 8 and 16GB phones, owners of the 512GB Xbox Series S are going to feel space squeezed.

The question was asked “Is 512GB enough?” It’s enough to do the job, of course. But this is not enough to leave many users struggling to manage storage over the expected lifetime of the console, locking and directing them to download, delete, and re-download games in cycles as needed. To do. (Or, shell for an upgrade.) What a hassle.

While optimally, it isn’t as large either as the Xbox Series X’s 1TB or the PlayStation 5’s 825GB. We are in an annoying period in which the space requirements of high-end games have exceeded the capacity for solid-state drive storage. Between these consoles and a PC lasting longer than I would like to build, I expect SSD prices to fall somewhat sharply over the next few years.


Ari: “June 9, 2014: The moment I knew I’d buy a new Xbox Aura. “
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See: 512GB in 2010 is a very different offer compared to 512GB in 2013. Video games, of course, balloon in the shape of this last console generation course. Who says how big they will grow over the next one? Where it can once hold a strong library of games, my launch-version Xbox One currently has room for it Hello: The Master Chief Collection, Hello 5: guardian, And a rotating handful of short games, depending on what Game pass Prasad is given any month. Seven years from now, the Xbox Series S will have room for whatever version it has Hello infinite We are on nothing else? It is anyone’s guess.

Satya said, as long as there is room for Master Chief and friends, it is good enough for me. I bought the first xbox Hello: Combat Evolved. I bought for xbox 360 Hello 3. I pleaded and picked up an xbox one Master Main Collection (Even if the game hasn’t started working Until four years later). I’ll almost certainly pick up some ways to play the next-gen Xbox box Hello infinite In its glory. 512GB is, I hope, fine enough for that.

PlayStation 4 may have a leg up on a region of Microsoft's Xbox UI.

One area may be a leg up on PlayStation 4 in Microsoft’s Xbox UI.
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512GB is not enough. but! I enjoy downloading weirdly on my consoles, and I think that maximizing space on my PS4 or Xbox One harddrive has played a role in motivating me to finish a game already — or Just decided not to finish it and let it be done- so I can remove it. That way, a digital storage barrier can be healthy for those of us who try to play too many games and need to protect them from endless backlogs.

Second Cavite: 512GB might not be enough, but if the Xbox One vs. PS4 vs. Switch digital storage management experience is anything to go by, the Xbox Series S can at least provide users with good tools to deal with limited space. On PS4 there are a drawback of download installation, file-copying and avoiding the sluggish interface of useful information. Downloads on Switch are similarly awkward to track. The Xbox One, however, shows the amount of space you have on your harddrive in the same part of the dashboard that shows you what games and apps you have. (By the time I checked again this morning, it shows your download speed and progress during active downloading in one place. I hope they haven’t removed it!) Hopefully the series S / X Dashboard users. Will be as- favorable.

How are you?

KotakuI have weighed in, but what is your take? Is 512GB enough for you? Or rather a small drive makes you turn off a digital-console like the C-series? Keep your point We will revisit next Monday and debate another contentious issue. See you in the comments!