Is 130/80 the new norm in blood pressure? Indian documents ask for a review

Doctors in India have advocated a revision of blood pressure values ​​to 130/80 or lower than the current 140/90, citing new American and European guidelines.

C. Venkata S. Ram, senior consultant at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, and founding member of the American Hypertension Society believes that blood pressure levels above 130/80 should be considered a "warning signal" from the imminent progression of the disease and the complications of hypertension.

India's Hypertension Guidelines, published in 2013 in the Journal of the Physicians Association of India, define blood pressure levels between 130-139 / 80-89 as "high normal", 120-129 / below 80 as "normal", and below 120 / below 80 as "optimal".
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With such guidelines, many physicians end up considering sight readings slightly below 140/90, for example, 137/88, as acceptable.
"This needs to change, the goal should be 130/80 or less," said Ram, who has argued, in a commentary published Sunday in the Indian Heart Journal, that 130-80 should be the "non-negotiable therapeutic goal." for the Indians.

Hypertension is the most frequent public health problem that contributes to the maximum number of deaths and illnesses. Our understanding of hypertension has been dynamic and concepts need to be constantly redefined in the light of new evidence and discoveries.

Untreated hypertension can lead to an increased incidence of heart disease in an individual, stroke, and even life-threatening kidney damage.

Studies have suggested that only about half of Indian patients with hypertension are diagnosed early. Even when a patient is diagnosed with blood pressure, it has been observed that they do not receive adequate treatment for several reasons.

The expert panels of the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association converged on 130/80 as a common treatment goal in November 2017, and the European Society of Cardiology and the European Society of Hypertension affirmed the same observation in 2018. [19659004] These guidelines find greater resonance in the context of India, which is deeply overwhelmed by numerous cases of untreated or poorly treated hypertension.

According to cardiologists, a review of the value of blood pressure to a target of 130/80 would dramatically increase the viability of the thousands of patients who need to measure and control their blood pressure.

Although taking blood pressure readings is a critical step that is repeated for reliability and confirmation, not all cases of blood pressure will require medical treatment.

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