IRS: Up to 9 Million People Need to Claim Federal Incentive Check

The IRS plans to notify 9 million Americans who may be eligible for government incentive checks, but who have not yet claimed relief payments.

The agency said on Tuesday that most people belong to people who do not typically file federal income tax returns. They will have until 15 October to register for’s non-filer tool so that they can receive their payments by the end of the year. According to the IRS, approximately 160 million taxpayers have received payments that were designed to offset the economic impact of the coronavirus epidemic.

Incentive checks targeted middle and low-income households by providing $ 1,200 for single taxpayers, $ 2,400 for married couples, and $ 500 per child under 17 years old. To deliver checks as quickly as possible, the IRS relied on taxpayers’ most recent tax returns, including banking details for direct checks or home addresses for paper checks.

But there are millions of Americans who do not file taxes as some senior citizens and low-income households have slowed the distribution of incentive checks to these groups.

“We are taking this extra step to help Americans who may not know whether they may be eligible for this payment or not know how to register,” IRS Commissioner Chuck Retig said in a statement. “Those who are not required to file tax returns can quickly register on IRS.OV and receive their money this year as well.”

The IRS states that it will begin sending letters on September 24, informing the recipient that they may be eligible for payment if they meet certain criteria, such as whether they are a citizen or resident foreigner and a valid Social Security is the number. The IRS said that 7 million people have already registered to receive a check through the non-fillers tool.

no guarantee

By registering on the IRS site, people can give their bank account information to the agency, which will then wire the money by the end of the year. Those who do not provide bank account information will receive a check in the mail.

However, if eligible individuals fail to register by October 15 and have not yet received the check, they must file a federal income tax return to claim the incentive check. In some cases, this may mean waiting for the current 2020 tax year to file a return in early 2021.

The IRS also warns that receiving a letter about registration by 15 October is no guarantee that a person is eligible to receive an incentive check. Some people are excluded from payment, immigrants who are without a green card and people who are disorganized.

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High-income people are also excluded, with couples earning more than $ 99,000 and married couples disqualified for earning more than $ 198,000.

Congress jurists are adamant on whether to authorize the money for another round of incentive payments. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday that the Senate would vote on a “targeted” coronavirus virus relief package this week, but the law does not provide money for an incentive investigation.