IRS Postpones April 15 Tax Deadline for Texas Residents and Businesses

WASHINGTON – The Internal Revenue Service extended the tax payment and filing deadline from April 15 to June 15 for all Texas residents and businesses, citing damage from recent winter storms and power outages in the state.

The delay also gives Texans more time for other tax-related filings, including estimated tax payments, payroll tax returns, and contributions to individual retirement accounts. Delays are automatic, which means that taxpayers do not have to submit forms to obtain benefits. The relief applies to people who live in Texas (more than 8% of Americans) and to people who do business there.

Residents of other states affected by the same storms and accompanying disaster declarations may also qualify for the same delay; the IRS will update the list of eligible locations on its disaster relief website.

The delays come amid some pressure from Congress to delay tax deadlines more broadly.

A group of Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee last week asked the IRS to delay the April 15 deadline, citing the late start of the tax filing season and continued difficulties during the coronavirus pandemic.


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