Iron Mountain Sports Bar has been identified as a possible COVID-19 exposure site

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) – A sports bar at Iron Mountain has been identified as a potential COVID-19 exposure site.

According to the Dickinson-Iron District Health Department (DIDHD), anyone visiting Solberg’s Greenleaf Sports Bar between September 5 and September 12 could possibly be exposed to coronovirus. The sports bar is located at 1340 Carpenter Avenue in Iron Mountain.

DIDHD states that those who were there when there was a large crowd, where masking and social disturbances were not consistently followed, are at a higher risk.

The Department of Health states that anyone who visits the sports bar on those dates is asked to monitor for symptoms and contact your doctor if you develop symptoms. Symptoms usually appear two to 14 days after exposure.

The DIDHD also says that Solberg has been involved in the investigation, and that he has guardianship security in mind and continues.

The Health Department stated that the sports bar, “… should not be avoided because of this past potential risk.”

As always, DIDHD advised everyone to avoid large gatherings, follow social removal guidelines, proper hand washing, and face masks for directions. The health department also reminds people to avoid sharing personal items like utensils, water bottles and cell phones.

For more information, see the Dickinson-Iron District Health Department Facebook page.

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