Iranian wrestler Naveed Afkari said news quoting state media

According to state media, Iranian wrestler Nawid Afkari has been killed after a security guard was convicted for killing him.

“Retaliation against Hasan Turkman’s killer, Hassan Turkman, was sentenced in Shiraz’s Adalabad jail this morning,” State TV quoted Fars Province Chief Justice Kazam Mousavi on Saturday.

Authorities accused the 27-year-old Afakari of stabbing an employee of a water supply company in the southern city of Shiraz. Iran aired the wrestler’s televised statement last week.

But Afakari said he was tortured for making false statements, according to his family and activists. His lawyer said that there is no evidence of his crime. Iran’s judiciary, however, denied claims of torture.

Afakari and his brothers were employed as construction workers at Shiraz, 680 km (420 mi) south of the capital Tehran.

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Shiraz’s provincial court sentenced Afakari’s brothers Wahid Afakari and Habib Afakari to 54 and 27 years in prison in the murder case.

Al Jazeera’s Reported from Tehran, Asad Baig said that Two different statements about murder.

“Outside Iran we are hearing that Naveed Afakari was arrested due to these protests in 2018 and the alleged murder of a security officer. Inside Iran, it is very different. The judiciary issued a statement some time ago Tha – He said that Naaved was Afridi. Arrested after killing a 52-year-old water worker with Shiraz Water Company, and the murder took place on 23 July 2018.

Baig said, “Naveed Afkari was arrested a few days later when the police identified him using CCTV footage. As far as the judiciary is concerned, his arrests and convictions have led to some protests. Have nothing to do. “

Trump’s Appeal

Afkari’s punishment triggered a social media campaign portraying him and his brothers as targeting victims for participating in the 2019 protests. On Tuesday, a global consortium representing 85,000 athletes called for Iran to be expelled from the World Games for carrying out Afqari.

President Donald Trump of the United States also expressed his concerns.

Trump tweeted earlier this month, “For the leaders of Iran, I would be very appreciative if you would spare the life of this young man, and not execute him.” “Thank you!”

Iran responded to Trump’s tweet by running an 11-minute state TV broadcast on Trump, which included Turkmann’s weeping parents.

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The broadcast, which included scenes of Afakari on a motorbike, said he stalked Turkman from behind, without explaining why he allegedly carried out the attack.

The state’s TV segment also blurred police documents and described the murder as a “personal dispute”.

It states that Afakari’s mobile phone was in the area and he showed him surveillance footage while walking on the street, talking on his phone.

Iran’s quasi-government Tasnim news agency dismissed Trump’s tweet in a feature story saying that US sanctions hurt Iranian hospitals amid the epidemic.

The agency said, “Trump is concerned about the life of a murderer, while he endangers the lives of many Iranian patients with severe restrictions.”

Baig notedtate TV did an interview with Hasan Turkman’s parents, and in it he said that his son had been murdered, and that he had the right to retaliate.

“The foreign media did not even bother to talk to him when his son was killed, and he left three children behind him. So there are two different narratives,” Baig said.


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