Iranian President Rouhani calls for dialogue in the Middle East –

Iranian President Rouhani calls for dialogue in the Middle East


Iranian President Hbadan Rouhani said on Sunday that Middle Eastern countries should solve their problems together without relying on outside powers.

"We believe that if there is a problem in the region, it can be resolved through dialogue," Rouhani said in a speech at the opening of a port in the southeastern city of Chabahar, broadcast on state television.

"We do not need weapons or the intervention of foreign powers, we can solve our problems ourselves through unity and dialogue."

Rouhani's comments follow an escalation in the bitter rivalry between Iran ruled by Shiites and the Sunni monarchy of Saudi Arabia.

The two powers endorse opposition groups throughout the region, especially in Syria and Yemen – and Saudi leaders have recently stepped up their efforts to counter the growing influence of Iran, raising fears of new conflicts.

But Rouhani said recent victories against the Islamic State group opened the way for the Middle East to surpbad its reputation as "War and conflict between Shiites and Sunnis … and the presence and interventions of foreign powers."

Saudi Arabia and Iran's critics in the West have accused Tehran of trying to dominate the region at the expense of its neighbors.
Rouhani said: "No country can claim to be the highest power in this region, just as the superpowers could not achieve that either."

A printed photo provided by the office of Iranian President Hbadan Rouhani on December 3, 2017 shows him, in the center, inaugurating the first phase of the port of Chabahar (Shahid Beheshti) in the southern Iranian coastal city of Chabahar ] AFP

New oceanic port of India

Iran inaugurated a long-awaited new port in Chabahar, in the southeast, which is expected to be an important new commercial center connecting India and Africa with Central Asia.

The first three shipments of Indian wheat to Afghanistan were unloaded in the morning, according to the Iranian port organization.

"Through this port, the products will be delivered to neighboring countries at cheaper prices and in a shorter period of time," said President Hbadan Rouhani at the port, in a speech delivered by the station. state.

The project was conceived for the first time in 2003 and has so far cost around $ 1 billion, with India providing $ 235 million. The financing is based on the search for routes that elude its regional rival, Pakistan.

The port has been under construction for a decade by Khatam al-Anbia, the giant conglomerate owned by the elite Revolutionary Guards.

Can accommodate giant ships up to a dry weight of 120,000 tons, with additional stages of development due to expanding the port for the next 14 years.

"Chabahar will soon become an important commercial center for Iran," Transport Minister Abbas Akhoundi said at the ceremony. [19659002] Iran has a broader vision of linking the Indian Ocean port with a railway through Zahedan on the Pakistani border to Mashhad in the northeast.

But the project, aimed at facilitating trade with Afghanistan and Central Asia, has been slow to arrive

. Rouhani also stressed the importance of Chabahar as the only Iranian port outside the Gulf, and therefore outside an area which is usually the focus of tensions with the US Navy. UU and Iran's regional rivals. [19] 659020] [ad_2]
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