Iranian Oil Minister calls Trump’s order to insult OPEC

Iran's oil minister on Saturday accused US President Donald Trump of insulting OPEC by ordering increased production and lower prices, adding that Iranian oil production and exports had not changed as a result of US pressure.

Trump accused on Wednesday The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries pushed up fuel prices and urged US allies like Saudi Arabia to pump more if they want Washington to continue protecting them against their main enemy, Iran.

"Mr. Trump sends a new message every day" Trump's order to OPEC members to increase production is a great insult to those governments and nations, and destabilizes the market. "

.] Zanganeh said Iranian oil production and exports had not changed as a result of US pressure

Iran, OPEC's third largest producer, faces US sanctions for its oil Exports that are driving some buyers to reduce purchases.

The United States said in May that it was moving away from an international agreement on Iran's nuclear program and said it would impose new sanctions on Iran's energy sector.

South Korea stopped all shipments in July oil companies for the first time in six years amid US pressure.

Iran threatened to block oil exports through a key waterway in retaliation for US efforts to reduce Iranian oil sales to zero


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