Iran has threatened the US by targeting replica aircraft carriers in the Storm of Hormuz

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have fired missiles from a helicopter in an exercise aimed at threatening the US amid tensions between Tehran and Washington, targeting a replica aircraft carrier in the strategic strait of Hormuz.

The drill, in a waterway through which 20% of all traded oil passes, underscores the danger of military conflict between Iran and the US since last summer, a series of incidents targeting oil tankers in the region. In January, an American drone attack killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad and Tehran fired ballistic missiles targeting US forces in Iraq.

This satellite image shows a detailed view of the northern part of Hormuz, a shipping lane important for a fifth of global oil production through the Gulf. Photo: Satellite Image © 2020 Maxer Tech / AFP / Getty Image

While the coronovirus epidemic has engulfed both Iran and the US, there have been signs of confrontation as the US argues for expanding UN weapons on Tehran, ending in October. The recent incident involving an American jet fighter from an Iranian passenger aircraft in Syria has also led to renewed tension.

In footage aired on Tuesday, Iranian commandos raced the replica with a helicopter and fast boats surrounded the mock-up.

The guard, according to, Abbas Nilphorson, the guards’ deputy commander for operations, said, “There is the ability to use long-range ballistic missiles during drills. In a similar exercise in 2015, the guard has launched a replica of a US warship.” Made fun of.

Soldiers attacked an Iranian mockup from a Russian-built Iranian military helicopter while mimicking an American aircraft carrier during a military exercise near Hortuz.
Soldiers attacked an Iranian mockup from a Russian-built Iranian military helicopter while mimicking an American aircraft carrier during a military exercise near Hortuz. Photo: Roy Issa / IRIB News Agency / AFP / Getty Image

General Hossein Salami said, “Our policies to protect the vital interests of Iran’s beloved nation are defensible in the sense that we will not invade any country from the beginning, but we are fully aggressive in strategy and operations.”

State TV footage shows the scuba force underwater, followed by erosion to a blast hole above the water on the replica carrier.

Last year, the US appears to have had no subtle recollection of allegations that Iran had planted lime mines on oil tankers near the strait near the strait, which exploded on ships in the same area. Iran has repeatedly denied action, although footage captured by the US military shows Revolutionary Guards removing an unexplored mine from a ship.

The replica used in the drill resembles the Nimitz-class carrier, which the US Navy routinely travels through the narrow mouth of the waterway from the Strait of Hormuz to the Persian Gulf. The USS Nimitz, the class’s name, entered the Middle East waters just last weekend from the Indian Ocean.

It is not clear whether Nimitz will pass through the Strait of Hormuz during his time in the midterm.

For Iran, which shares the strait with Oman, the US naval presence is similar to the Iranian army sailing in the Gulf of Mexico near the coast of Florida. But the US Navy argues that the strait is an important international waterway for global shipping and energy supply.

Cmdr Rebecca Rebarich, a spokesman for the Bahrain-based 5th Fleet of the US Navy, which patrols the Midist, said officials were aware of the Iranian practice.

“While we are always alert to this type of irresponsible and reckless behavior in Iran around busy international waterways, the practice has not disrupted coalition operations in the region nor any influence on the free flow of commerce in the Strait of Hormoz Lying and surrounding water, ”he added.

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