Iran Claims US Bombardment in Syria Will Strengthen ISIS

Iran’s top security official said the United States encourages ISIS by dropping bombs on paramilitary fighters along the Iraqi border.

“The recent action by the United States strengthens and expands the activities of the terrorist Daesh (Islamic State) in the region,” said Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, during a visit with Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad. Hussein.

The airstrikes Thursday night, the first under Biden’s presidency, targeted sites on the Syrian side of the Iraq-Syria border, where Iranian-backed groups control a major crossing of weapons, personnel and assets. The administration said they were intended to deter future attacks on US troops in Iraq.

“The attack on the counter-terrorism resistance forces is the beginning of a new round of organized terrorism,” Hussein said, Reuters reported.

Shamkhani said, “we will confront the US plan to revive terrorism in the region,” but did not elaborate.

A satellite image of the Iraq-Syria border crossing before the US airstrike this week.
A satellite image of the border crossing between Iraq and Syria before the US airstrike this week.
2021 Maxar Technologies / Brochure via Reuters

Shamkhani also pressured Hussein to have Iran tell the United States to withdraw the rest of its troops in the country, according to reports.


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