IPhones 2019 could get a major update to the camera: Will it be enough?

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Apple is struggling tooth and nail to maintain its position in the big leagues, but the iPhone XS series did little to contribute. IPhones 2018 certainly impressed many with their redesigned form factor and incremental updates, but the expensive labels could not justify the purchase for some, forcing them to be existing models or with the cheaper iPhone XR. Apple needs iPhones 2019 to control the damage and it looks like it could have what will impress the mbades.

The camera is the best selling point in smart phones these days, so much so that companies are willing to go the extra mile to offer unprecedented possibilities to smart phone cameras. More recently, Huawei was unimaginable when it launched the P30 Pro with an incredible quad camera capable of capturing the moon in the best possible way with a phone and also taking excellent photos in low light conditions. Huawei P30 Pro has achieved the highest degree of appreciation for both consumers and critics, establishing that the benchmark is really high for rivals Samsung and Apple.

With all eyes on Apple iPhones 2019, there is great hope in the high-value brand that prides itself on offering nothing more than the best premium phones. IPhones 2019, also known by some as iPhone 11, will naturally come with improved cameras to compete in the toughest race against Samsung and Huawei. But it will succeed is a million dollar question.

Apple's most trusted badyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, pointed out his research note to investors that Apple's iPhones 2019 will see the camera's biggest update to date, MacRumors reported. As it is now known that three iPhones will be released in September of this year, Kuo predicts that the selfie camera will be the main feature, since it will abandon the 7MP sensor for a 12MP lens on the front. Selfies on iPhones have always been nice, and it's good to see an improved 12MP lens that takes that experience to a new level.

iPhone X successor in 2019 will wear triple camera.

iPhone X successor in 2019 will wear triple camera.iDropNews

While there have been rumors about the new iPhones, Kuo has new information about the update of the camera. The rear cameras of the two premium iPhones with 6.5-inch OLED and 5.8-inch OLED screens will feature triple lenses in the back combination of a 12MP telephoto lens, a 12MP wide-angle lens with 2x zoom and another lens wide-angle 12MP by Sony. This crushes any rumor that iPhones 2019 could wear a flight time lens (ToF) like the one seen on the Huawei P30 Pro.

Huawei P30 Pro, on the other hand, is compatible with 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom and 50x digital zoom, which makes it the most capable smartphone when it comes to approaching the subject (like the moon). Apple does not have to work on anything other than the 2x optical zoom at this time. Another area that Apple must focus on is the low-light performance of its iPhones, which has become a gold standard for testing flagships after Huawei and Google changed people's perception of low-end capabilities. light of smart phones.

Kuo emphasizes that the new super wide-angle lens on the back and the 12 MP front sensor on the new iPhones will adopt the "black lens coating technologies", which will make the lenses look "unobtrusive".

Apple, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max

2019 iPhones to show off new camerasKVN Rohit / IBTimes India

"We anticipate that the camera will update one of the main points of sale of the iPhone 2H19.The updates of the critical specifications are the following: (1) The rear cameras or OLED of 6.5 inches, OLED of 5.8 inches and LCD of 6.1 inches are likely to be upgraded to triple camera and double camera, respectively.The triple camera system will adopt a super wide camera, which is equipped with the 12 MP / 1um CIS provided exclusively by Sony. (2) The front camera of the three new "iPhone models are likely to upgrade to 12MP CIS + 5P lenses (compared to current 7MP CIS + 4P lenses)," Kuo predicted.

The integration of super wide-angle lenses is a smart choice, since the trend has accelerated in premium phones in the last year. Apple Leveling with the competition shows that it is seriously launching its best argument.

Although the cameras are improving on premium iPhones, Kuo suggests that the successor of the iPhone XR will also be upgraded from a single 12MP rear camera to two cameras. It remains to be seen if these camera updates will change the sales outlook for Apple in 2019 and 2020.

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