iPhone users in Iran can not access the App Store now

It seems that the App Store is no longer accessible to iPhone and iPad users in Iran, and Apple apparently implements an IP ban across the country.

According to Bleeping Computer the Iranians have not been able to access the App Store since about noon GMT, and when they try to use the App Store, they receive a message that the store is not available in the country.

All Iranian IPs do not seem to be able to use the App Store at this time. Iranian security researcher Meysam Firouzi told Bleeping Computer that he was able to connect to the App Store when he used a VPN, even though he has an account with Iranian details.

Due to US sanctions UU., Apple does not sell its products in Iran nor is there an Iranian App Store, but there are millions of iPhones in the country that have been smuggled in from places like Dubai and Hong Kong. IPhone users in Iran had already been able to access the App Store by configuring their devices in other regions.

Already in August, Apple began to remove applications from its application stores created by Iranian developers for Iranian citizens, such as Snapp, a popular application for a stunt service similar to Uber, popular in Iran. Apple has now gone a step further and seems to be preventing all users with an Iranian IP from fully accessing the App Store.

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