IPhone, iPad to download songs that have not been played in a while



Apple Music could be stealing the storage of your iPhone or iPad. Here we show you how you can automatically delete the songs that have been played in a while.

Although Apple Music is an online streaming service, if you track the songs, those songs are downloaded and stored in the device's cache. But you also have the option of downloading songs directly to your device to listen to them offline, which is not practical. Ultimately, this means that as you continue to listen to your music and download it for later, you are also sacrificing your valuable storage space. This might not be a problem if you have a device that has a storage north of 128 GB, but if you have something with 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB on the board, this could become a problem in the future.

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So, how do you fix this wrong? Simple, iOS has a built-in function that optimizes storage for you and eliminates songs that are downloaded and have been played for a while. How do you enable this feature? From the configuration application, obviously. Pick up your iPhone or iPad and continue to the end.

1. Start the settings application.

2. Scroll down and find music then tap to open it and reveal more options.

3. Now find the Optimize storage, tap to open.

4. Turn on the function and set Minimum storage two none as shown in the screenshot below.

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As of now, there is a song that lives on your device and that has been played for a while, iOS will automatically delete it. This applies only to Apple music tracks, not those copied from iTunes manually.

This is an extremely useful feature that we can download from the songs of Apple Music from time to time and, after a couple of songs, we fall into our playlist of oblivion. Sure, you can change the line, but your old music is tearing your storage out of greed for no reason, and it's a space you can use to capture photos or record videos, or maybe install some applications.

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