IPhone 12 teardown presents a glimpse of Apple’s latest phones

New iPhone 12

Screenshot / CNET

One iphone 12 The tear released on Thursday revealed all parts of Apple’s 5G device. While the video is not in English, it compares the iPhone 12 to last year’s iPhone 11. Its OLED display is much thinner than the iPhone 11 display, 9To5Mac. The video has a 2,815mAh battery capacity and MagSafe System.

IPhone 12’s New ceramic phone screen is Harder than glassAccording to Apple, and this will be the first Iphone with 5g.

Another loophole by IFixit on Friday also examined the inside of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, which showed a lack of difference between the camera, the LIDAR sensor, and the “amazing” two phones.

iPhone 12 is on sale on October 23 for $ 799, whereas iPhone 12 Pro will cost you $ 999.

Watch the iPhone 12 teardrop video below.

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