IPhone 12 Pro chassis leaked in one-handed video and cases, surprise additional camera spot

Apple The “Time Flies” announcement on 15 September may focus on the event Look 6 more IPad Air 4, among many other things, but The iPhone 12 quartet is right behind it, and leaks keep coming.

This time, it’s reportedly turn to The 6.1 “iPhone 12 Pro chassis shines in its white Knight armor, and gives us a full view of the flatter, iPhone 5-esque sides, potential new LiDAR camera placement on the back, and a full 5G antenna clip around. It’s Verizon Can be a mmWave model for networks like.

Apple iPhone 12 Series Cases Confirm Flat Sides

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Camera Specs

These are basically all-new features to expect from the iPhone 12 series, with some serious camera upgrades in terms of sensor or pixel size, and lens layers that count the upgrades from 6P to 7P on the fall 2020 iPhone board.
Needless to say, there will also be under the hood upgrade like a boom Apple A14 processor and more memory but the most visible changes – the chassis ones – you can see below.
New development, of course, may find the smaller “pro” model LiDAR camera as well, while the first only The 6.7 “iPhone 12 Pro Max, or whatever it is named, was rumored to be with Apple’s deep-scanning camera that currently only exists on the latest iPad Pro.