‘iPhone 12’ enters mass production, reportedly no 120Hz promotion display

The “iPhone 12” family has begun mass production a month after its expected release, according to a prolific leaker, although the 120Hz promotion display reportedly did not make the cut.

According to John Prosser, the “iPhone 12” recorded mass production without a 120Hz ProMotion display, for reasons as yet unknown. He also indicated that mass production began this week.

Mass production time is almost the same as the iPhone X and iPhone XR.

The prosecutor previously stated that the incident would change in early October. All this was confirmed by Apple during its quarterly earnings call that the iPhone release would take place a few weeks later.

ProMotion was first introduced on the iPad Pro as a separate feature from the budget model. The 120Hz refresh rate means smoother screen animations, more responsive interactions and better gaming performance. The “iPhone 12” has been rumored to feature for months.

Battery life management issues may occur with ProMotion enabled behind enabled. A rumor suggested that Apple would have to implement LTPO displays in order for ProMotion to work so that the refresh rate could be dynamically adjusted as needed. The LTPO is used in the Apple Watch, but such a controller is not available on the iPhone until at least 2021.

The Apple iPhone is not completely new to initial shipments after September. The iPhone X was announced in September and was not released until November. Some speculate the “iPhone 12” is announced in the “Time flies” incident on 15 September, although most publications say otherwise.