iPhone 12 cases confirm final design – check them out now

The iPhone 12 may not be with us for a month or two, but if you’re curious, you can already buy a case for it.

Case maker Totally has unveiled its line of iPhone 12 thin cases on its website, claiming that for the eighth consecutive year, the company has already successfully launched its accessories from the phone.

You might be thinking that this is a touch premature on Totally’s part, even with that eight-year track record. Fortunately, the iPhone 12’s new flat-sided design has received several leaks, and the four models have three size options. All this is certain that we are seeing a return to the iPhone 4-style design, and we are getting models measuring 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches.

(Image credit: Totli)

Totli’s style is to make super-thin cases, and this time it is the same. You have the option of a transparent TPU material if you want to appreciate Apple’s own colors, or you can choose white or black, or matte navy blue or green in polypropylene. Although it is designed to be unobtrusive, there is a lip around the screen and around the rear camera array, allowing you to still protect your phone’s camera module and display effectively.

Even if you want to ignore informal information, phone manufacturers usually have arrangements with subsidiaries to ensure they get accurate plans. In this way, both sides have the advantage of having the main device by a host of peripherals from the day of launch.

iphone 12

(Image credit: Totli)

And even though the design is still wrong, Totli is offering a money-back guarantee to customers who buy one of these cases. It seems like a good deal if you’ve already made up your mind on which iPhone 12 you want, and like Totally’s designs.