Iowa Open season fans despite COVID-19 hot spots

AIIMS, Iowa, is the country’s hottest city for COVID-19 epidemics.

However, the Cyclones are still planning to let fans join the game of football.

Iowa State Athletic Director Jamie Pollard announced Monday that they would allow about 25,000 fans to participate in their season opener on September 12 against Louis-Lafayette at Jack Trice Stadium.

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Fans will need face coverings at all times, a lot of tailgating will stop and fans will stay in their socially deformed seats.

“If our mitigation actions are successful, we will allow all season ticket buyers to participate in the Oklahoma game on October 3,” Pollard said in a letter to fans via the Des Moines Register. “However, if we determine that mitigation measures were not adequately followed in the first game, we will have no fans in future games [beginning with Oklahoma]. “

Coronavirus spins in Iowa

Coronoviruses are roaming in Iowa – which is currently the nation’s worst state in new cases per capita over the past week – and in AIIMS. The New York Times on Monday labeled Central-Iowa College City as the nation’s worst city with 8.2 new cases per 1,000 residents.

Iowa City, where the University of Iowa is currently ranked No. 2 on that list. The Hawkeyes performed workouts for all athletic teams on Monday after finding 93 positive cases among athletes tested last week.

The current county, where Iowa State is located, currently has a 14-day positivity rate of 21.3 percent, as reported. Eighty percent of those cases were also in persons between the ages of 18–40.

Iowa State welcomed students back to campus earlier this month for in-person classes.

According to The New York Times, there were more than six million confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States as of Monday night, and more than 183,000 deaths occurred for it. There are about 65,000 cases in Iowa – 8,000 of which came in the previous week.

While this may seem a risky move given the situation in the state, Pollard insisted that he was not going to take any chances. If the first game does not go well, he said he would not hesitate to make changes.

For it to work, Pollard said, it’s “almost 100 percent” on fans, because they have restrictions to follow.

“I would have zero tolerance for any fan who doesn’t comply, I don’t care how much money they pay,” Pollard said via the Des Moines Register. If you want to be in the stadium, then you have to comply with what we have to do together. If you don’t do this, we don’t want you here. I don’t care who it is.

“This is a great opportunity to support our student-athletes. They want to play. His fans are there. So we are doing what we feel is necessary for us to be able to do. “

Ames, Iowa, was listed by The New York Times on Monday as the worst city for the coronavirus virus epidemic in the country. (Joe Robbins / Getty Images)

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