Iowa man arrested, accused of participating in Capitol riots

An Iowa man was jailed on Saturday morning after being accused of participating in a riot in the US Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump.

Des Moines Police Sergeant. Paul Parizek said officers assisted the FBI in arresting 41-year-old Doug Jensen at his home in the south of the city on Friday night.

According to a news release from the FBI’s Field Office in Omaha, Nebraska and the County Sheriff’s Office, Jensen was lodged in the Polk County Jail on Saturday morning on five federal charges, including trespass and disorderly conduct.

Sergeant. Ryan Evans of the County Sheriff’s Office said Jensen was being held without bond and did not know if he had a lawyer. Seven-second, exploitative-lacquered tickcock video Posted on Thursday under the username @dougjensen, a man who appears to be Jensen reveals that he is being made a “poster boy”, which ends by saying “don’t believe the news.”

The FBI and Sheriff’s Office made further inquiries about the case to the US Attorney’s Office in Washington.

Video Posted online On Wednesday during the storm of the Capitol, a man appeared to be Jensen, who is white, the inner flight of stairs chasing a black officer. The crowd of people takes several steps back. At several points, the officer says “go back,” to no avail. The riots have raised serious questions over security in the Capitol and the treatment of predominantly white crowds in the face of aggressive tactics used last year to protest the killings or shootings of black people by police.

The mob ransacked the building, forcing lawbreakers who were voting to confirm the victory of President-elect Joe Biden.

Photographs taken by The Associated Press also show the man who sees Jensen wearing a stocking hat and a Qion T-shirt above a hooded sweatshirt. QAnon promotes a false conspiracy theory that Trump is leading a covert campaign against “deep-status” enemies and pedophiles.

William Roth, a 54-year-old man from Clarksville, Arkansas, said his brother said he did not break into the building but was let in and then shown around, even taking pictures with officers. He said a video of his brother charging him up the stairs was also staged.

“Doug never lied to me,” Roth said. He said, “He has been a good person all his life. He is a family man. But he is like the rest of the people who are patriots. We have been told for the last seven, eight months that if the Democrats gain control, we are losing our country. Fine. It scares a lot of people. “

Jansen declined to comment on Thursday when a reporter with KCCI-TV Reached him through Facebook.

Evans from the Sheriff’s Office said Jensen was charged with past charges for operating an impaired vehicle.

Jenson’s employer, Desire and Associate Masonry in Des Moines, announced on Friday that he had been fired. Company president and CEO Richard Felice told KCCI-TV The company does not agree with its actions.


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