IOS Code Reveals ‘A14X’ Processor Ahead of Alleged iPad Pro Updates

Following rumors of a new iPad Pro next month, 9to5Mac You have now found references to a new “A14X” chip in the iOS 14.5 code, which had its fifth beta released today for developers and public beta users.

Each Apple chip is referred to internally by a codename, and iOS 14.5 includes references to a one-chip GPU called “13G,” which is not used by any currently available iOS device. Based on the above chip naming schemes and information obtained by 9to5Mac, we can say that 13G is the A14X SoC, a variant of the A14 Bionic chip.

Based on our research, we also found that the A14X is based on the T8103, which is the codename for the Apple M1 chip used in early Apple Silicon Macs. This corroborates a recent Bloomberg report stating that the next-gen iPad Pro will have “an updated processor that’s on par with the faster M1 chip.”

As rumors suggest that the only new iOS device to be introduced in the first half of 2021 will be the next-gen iPad Pro, it’s hard to imagine that the A14X chip we’ve discovered is destined for another device, at least for now. 9to5Mac You have also learned that the code names for the new iPads are J517, J518, J522, and J523.

The fact that these references were found in iOS 14.5 is also an indication that the next-gen iPad Pro is coming soon, as Apple would wait until iOS 15 to add support for the new chip if it was planned to arrive later this year. We also note that Apple has not released a new version of Xcode beta since March 2, 2021, which is something the company does when it is preparing new hardware that should remain a secret until the official announcement.

According to recent rumors, Apple will announce new iPad Pro models “as early as April” with a Thunderbolt port, better cameras and a Mini-LED display for the 12.9-inch model.

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