iOS 14.4 will alert users about non-genuine cameras on the iPhone

Starting with the iPhone 11, Apple has added an alert to iOS that tells the user that the device has a non-genuine display – which was later expanded to third-party internal batteries as well. And now iOS 14.4 will alert users when it identifies non-genuine cameras on the iPhone.

discovered by MacRumors And confirmed by 9to5MacThe second beta release of iOS 14.4 has brought a new message that will be displayed for devices that are not native Apple hardware. “Unable to verify this iPhone is an actual Apple camera,” the message says. It is not clear whether this will apply to all iPhone or iPhone 12 models.

Under these conditions, the alert will be corrected in the iOS Settings app, just as it would with non-real display and battery alerts. The message likely will not interfere with the camera working, although non-genuine components do not have the same quality as the original Apple hardware.

Certainly, Apple recommends that customers move their iPhone and other Apple devices to the Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) to obtain certified repairs.

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