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iOS 12.1 will arrive on October 30 with the FaceTime group, compatibility with dual SIM and the solution "beautygate"

Before its big iPad Pro and Mac event, Apple just announced that iOS 12.1 will launch tomorrow. It is the first significant update for iOS 12 and includes the Group FaceTime feature that was removed from the initial version. Group FaceTime allows you to video chat with up to 32 people simultaneously and supports adhesives, video filters and Animoji / Memoji. The feature was retained from iOS 12.0, but apparently it is now ready to work. The video bubble for each person gets bigger when he speaks on the call.

iOS 12.1 also adds dual-SIM support for iPhone XS and XR, so you can have two lines running on the same phone. One line will use your physical SIM card, while the other one will work through the eSIM technology. (Apple presented a useful tutorial to enable dual SIM functionality).

Group FaceTime and dual-SIM support are the most important new features of iOS 12.1.

Apple does not mention this in its press release, but the company previously confirmed that The edge that iOS 12.1 should solve the problem "beautygate" on the iPhone XS and XR. Shortly after the launch of the XS, users began to complain about what they perceived as skin softening in their selfies. Apple has clarified that it is actually an error and it is happening because the camera chooses the wrong shot as the main frame of "intelligent HDR".

Speaking of the camera, iOS 12.1 will allow users with an iPhone to support the vertical mode to adjust the depth of field / bokeh in the live preview of a shot, not just after taking it.

And finally, as usual, Apple includes a lot of new emoji in the update. There are more than 70 in total, and include the controversial bagel emoji, as well as "new characters with red, gray and curly hair, a new emoji for bald people, more emotional smiley faces and additional emoji that represent animals, sports and food. "The new emoji will also come to watchOS and macOS through software updates on those platforms.

With iOS 12, Apple puts great emphasis on performance improvements and acceleration of compatible iPhone and iPad devices. The launch has been well received by users, and iOS 12.1 seeks to improve that with the video chats of several people, the flexibility of the dual SIM and the fixed selfies in their latest smartphones.

That Apple is announcing this now suggests that tomorrow's product event will be pretty full. The edge it will cover all the live announcements from Brooklyn.

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