iOS 11.2 is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch –

iOS 11.2 is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


  iOS 11.2 is released

iOS 11.2

is out Now it's time to update your iOS devices. Again.

Must read: Apple products that you should not buy for the holidays [19659005] The biggest addition in terms of new features in iOS 11.2 is Apple Pay Cash, a feature that allows you to send, request and receive money from Friends and family with Apple Pay using Messages or Siri.

This function is US- only in the present, but we expect it to be deployed all over the world in the coming months.

As for other fixes and adjustments, this is what Apple lists in the release notes:

  • Presents three new live wallpapers for iPhone X
  • Improved video camera stabilization
  • Add support in Podcasts to automatically advance to the next episode of the same show
  • Add HealthKit support for downhill snow sports distance as a data type
  • Fix an issue that could cause the email to appear to check for new ones messages, even when the download is complete
  • Fixes a problem that could cause email notifications to be deleted from Exchange accounts to reappear
  • Improve calendar stability
  • Solve a problem where the configuration could be opened in a blank screen
  • Fixes a problem that could prevent slipping Today View or camera from the lock screen
  • Solution to a problem that could prevent music controls from showing on the lock screen
  • Fixes a problem that caused the application icons to be improperly organized on the home screen
  • Fixes a problem that could prevent users delete recent photos when iCloud storage is exceeded
  • Fix a problem where Find My iPhone sometimes does not show a map
  • Fix a problem in Messages where the keyboard might overlap the most recent message
  • Fix a problem problem in the calculator where writing numbers quickly could lead to incorrect results
  • Fixed a problem where the keyboard could respond slowly
  • Adds support for real-time text calls (RTT) for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • ] Improves the stability of VoiceOver in Messages, Settings, App Store and Music
  • Solves a problem that prevented VoiceOver from announcing incoming notifications

In addition, Apple has also adjusted how the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on / off buttons work in the Control Center (detailed here, do not get too excited about this, I think it's an unpleasant solution). Apple has also used this update to fix an error in which notifications generated by applications after December 2 caused the failure of iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices.

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