iOS 11.2 fixes the date error that blocks iDevices, begins the implementation of Apple Pay Cash –

iOS 11.2 fixes the date error that blocks iDevices, begins the implementation of Apple Pay Cash


Enlarge / The iPhone 8 Plus dwarfs the iPhone X.

Some iPhone users woke up this weekend to continuously block iPhones, iPads and other iDevices, and Apple has released its iOS software 11.2 Update soon to solve this and many other problems. The update also starts the launch of Apple Pay Cash and allows wireless charging of 7.5W on new iPhones.

Users visited Internet forums early this weekend after discovering an iOS 11 bug that caused their iPhones to fail after 12:15 a.m. on December 2. Apart from the date and time, the problem was related to local notifications of scheduled daily alerts or applications that send repeated reminders. A support document issued by Apple tells users to turn off notifications of all applications in iDevice before installing iOS 11.2. This error seems to be the reason why Apple released iOS 11.2 so quickly to all users. The software update had been in beta for just over a month, and Apple has not even updated its security page to include security details on iOS 11.2.

In addition to correcting the date error, iOS 11.2 initiates the launch of Apple Pay in cash. This is Apple's point-to-point payment system that allows users to send and receive money through iMessage. The funds are obtained from a linked credit or debit card and are sent in the form of an Apple Pay Cash card. Those who receive money through Apple Pay Cash can spend it through the Apple Wallet application or transfer the money to a linked bank account.

Currently, Apple Pay Cash is only available in the US. UU., But it seems that the anticipated release of iOS 11.2 prevented the full launch of Apple's new payment system. It is not yet activated for all users: some may not see the Apple Pay Cash button on the Wallet and Apple Pay settings page, or the Wallet application within the Messages app. Apple may formally activate Apple Pay Cash later this week.

iOS 11.2 also enables fast wireless 7.5W charging with compatible Qi-based accessories, allowing the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X to charge faster using wireless accessories than with the standard power adapter. Other additions include live wallpapers for the iPhone X, video camera stabilization enhancements and alerts that clarify the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions in the Control Center.

While correcting date errors is the best solution in iOS 11.2, the software update also fixes errors that caused the Settings application to open on a blank screen, music controls so that they do not appear on the screen locked, the keyboard to respond slowly and the Calculator application to show incorrect results when the numbers were written too fast. iOS 11.2 is available for iPhone 5S and later, iPad Air and later, and iPod touch 6th generation and can be downloaded by accessing Settings> General> Software update.

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