Investors await the Fed’s decision, increasing European stocks raised by retailers, including index

The person wearing the facemask walks on June 24, 2020 in New York City at an open Zara store on Broadway in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan.

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European shares rose sharply after the Europix SA result on Wednesday, as investors awaited the outcome of the Federal Reserve meeting. US stock futures also gained momentum.

Stoxx Europe 600 Index SXXP,
+ 0.53%
On Tuesday, it was up 0.3% to 0.3% to 372.22. German DAX DAX,
+ 0.40%
And French CAC 40 px 1,
+ 0.42%
The FTSE 100 UKX, while rose 0.2% each.
+ 0.21%
Was flat Euro EURUSD,
+ 0.29%
And British pound GBPUSD,
+ 0.31%
Each trades flat against the dollar.

US stock futures ES00,
+ 0.50%

+ 0.59%

+ 0.44%
There were about 0.3% across the board.

Investors await the outcome of the last Federal Open Market Committee meeting before the US presidential election. This will come after European markets are closed.

Economists expect the Fed to remain unchanged and close to zero by the end of 2023 in Fed interest rates. The Fed will issue 2023 economic forecasts for the first time.

It also attracted attention, snowflake SNOW,
The largest software initial public offering will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange later on Wednesday. Supported by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, the cloud-data specialist hopes to raise about $ 4 billion.

The Bank of England’s monetary policy will be met on Thursday. Figures released on Wednesday show that August has seen a spike in annual inflation, with consumer prices rising 0.2% vs. 1% in July. Data released on Tuesday showed that 700,000 jobs have moved in the UK since the epidemic-induced lockdown in March.

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The retail sector gained, leading to a 5% gain in the shares of index ITX.
+ 7.74%
After the Spanish the owners of Zara and Bershka returned to profit in the second quarter from losses in the previous quarter from store closures related to COVID-19.

Online sales grew by 74% in the first half of the year, although retailers kept swinging with net losses in that period. But the company said that 98% of the stores were now open.

Rival H & M AB HM.B’s shares,
+ 3.00%,
Which beat expectations on earnings on Tuesday, climbed more than 4% and the game’s creator PUMA SE PUM,
+ 2.12%
2.5% increase.

Below, shares of Grenke SE GLJ,
Fell 13%. Short-selling firm Viceroy Research on Tuesday alleged accounting fraud at a leasing company triggering a slide in shares. The firm did not return a request for comment.


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