Investigations are underway after bags of mail were found dumped in Los Angeles-area parking

An investigation is ongoing after authorities found doped unmanned piles at two Glendale, Glendale locations this week.

Glendale Police Sgt. The Los Angeles Times reported that Christian Howptman said United States Postal Service personnel requested assistance with “possible stolen mail or whatever was dumped in the street” Thursday morning. Hours later, a second call came from a business owner who witnessed a similar incident in a parking lot nearby.

A local CW colleague obtained footage from outside a spa, which displays a budget rental truck in a gate. A man then pulls bags of mail and parcels from within the vehicle and slams them to the ground.

The Postal Service declined to comment on the incidents and whether they were related.

According to the Times “The US Postal Inspection Service is the law enforcement, crime prevention and security arm of the Postal Service.” “To maintain the integrity of their investigation and prevent fundamental unfairness to the subjects of those investigations, the US Postal Inspection Service does not comment on any ongoing investigations.”

Footage has come as Democrats have sounded the alarm about a change in the USPS by the Trump administration, and said the service change could lead to voter suppression in the presidential election.

Last Thursday the Attorney General’s Javier BeckerraXavier Beckermajor drilling projects among dozens of fast-tracks following Trump’s order: 21 states filed suit against the White House over the rollback of the Bedrock environmental law. Administration faces difficulties in court Trump sued the White House over the rollback of Batorock environmental law to Biden on climate at a 21-state conference (D) A few days before the footage emerged, Thursday filed for a preliminary injunction against the change of service.

President TrumpDonald John Trumpetted Cruz, a longtime fan of ‘The Princess Bride’, ‘swipes at cast members’, Trump lays wide net at Labor Day press conference for plans to raise money for Democrats. Biden has vowed to become the strongest Labor president. moreThe USPS sabotage is un-American. It is an attack on our right to free and fair elections and voting. No matter who you support, your right to vote is sacred, ”Beckerra said in a statement. Remember to register early and count your voice. In California, we will stand up for every citizen and do our part to keep our elections safe and secure. “


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