Introducing: The New Color Serial with The Rolex Oyster Evergreen 36

The colors look great. They are bright and fun, and with their medium size, these new Oyster Periful figures are perfectly sized for people with small and medium-sized wrists. The 36mm Kasturi has always been my personal favorite from this line. And with the introduction of the 41mm version, which replaces the 39, the Oyster Forever 36 plays a larger role as the version for those who like their watches less than 40mm. This is a watch that a lot of people can easily wear, and it may just be the most prudent Rolex anyone can wear. (However, with these new dial colors, which may not catch on.) These bright colors also take into consideration the Rolex’s earlier Stella dials. More recently we will see brightly colored dials in this vein on some aftermarket watches.

It is hard to find a meaning for how the colors in the metal are going to be seen. It would be really interesting if the pink was a salmon-like color, although it does not appear to have been named “candy” pink. Similarly, turquoise and coral red are interesting to me. I would love to see these watches in person. The green dial variation seems a safe bet, and I could see it becoming a huge seller.