Interesting reason why Keith Lee defeated Randy Orton in 6 minutes at Payback 2020

Despite losing Keith Lee in just six minutes, Randy Orton is still expected to compete for the WWE Championship against Drew McIntire at the Clash of Champions later this month on 27 September.

Randy Orton battled with Drew McIntire and gave him a storyline injury that ruled him out of Payback 2020. Instead, Keith Lee will replace him and face Randy Orton in a match last night.

It was quite a shock for fans when Keith Lee defeated Randy Orton with a Spirit Bomb in just six minutes. Dave Meltzer talks about the match Wrestling Observer Radio And said that it seemed to indicate that Randy Orton would win the WWE title over Drew McIntire in Clash of Champions.

He also stated that the reason for Keith Lee’s victory was likely a WWE title feud between Randy Orton and Keith 2.

“[Randy] Orton is finally winning the title over Drew McIntire. They are setting up Orton-Keith Lee title matches. It was not a great match at all, but just winning it from a star-making point of view was a good move. “

Is Keith Lee ready for the spotlight?

With rumors that Vince McMahon wants to push Keith Lee “over the moon”, it seems clear to everyone from Keith Lee’s main roster productions that he is being drafted to a bigger spot on the card.

In the Survivor Series last year, Keith Lee placed right until the end of the elimination match, where he represented NXT, minus the Roman Rains in a star-making performance. His next appearance was at the Royal Rumble 2020, where he had an intense confrontation with Brock Lassner.

Keith Lee is officially a member of the Raw roster and his first feud was against Randy Orton – reflecting WWE’s big plans for the former NXT champion.

We are soon going to find out what lies ahead for Keith Lee in WWE. Although Keith Lee may not be a world champion right now, his emphasis in the WWE title picture at the beginning of Raw is a big sign of confidence from the higher-ups.
Published 01 September 2020, 04:15 IST