Intel CEO Expands Desire to Make Apple Silicone Chips and Touts ‘Competitive Fun’ with Apple

In an interview with Yahoo Finance Today, Intel’s new CEO Pat Gelsinger said the ongoing competition between his company and Apple is “fun,” and he also said he hopes to make peace with the Cupertino tech giant.

Over the next two years, Apple will transition its Mac line from Intel processors to its own Apple silicon chips. Apple is already well advanced in the transition, having released three Mac computers based on its M1 SoC. Intel in response launched a marketing campaign last week to label Macs and ‌M1‌ as inferior to Intel processors.

Despite the barrage of attacks, Gelsinger has indicated that it hopes to have Apple as a future customer. In his interview with Yahoo Finance, Gelsinger said that Apple relies too heavily on its current supplier, TSMC, to make Apple’s silicon and that Intel wants to offer its own services instead.

Apple is a customer and I hope to make it a big foundry customer because today it is totally dependent on Taiwan Semiconductor. We want to present you great options to take advantage of our foundry services, just as we are working with Qualcomm and Microsoft to take advantage of our foundry. We are going to offer great technology, some things that cannot be done anywhere else in the world.

Gelsinger attributed the recent and tense competition with Apple to the fact that there is still room for innovation in the industry and the advantage that the demand for PCs is the highest in more than a decade. Gelsinger went on to say that there is “competitive fun with Apple and the Mac ecosystem.”

So obviously you’ve seen some of the competitive energies [in chipmaking] Summing up because there are a lot of great innovations to be made, and we haven’t seen a demand for PCs at this level for a decade and a half. The world needs more of that, and there is competitive fun with Apple and the Mac ecosystem.

As part of its marketing campaign against Apple’s silicon, Intel recently hired former “I’m a Mac” actor Justin Long to star in a series of commercials comparing ‌M1‌ Macs to laptops with Intel processors. In addition, Intel has taken to Twitter for the campaign and has created its own website to compare the Macs ‌M1‌ with PCs.


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