Intel begins shipping its first Iris Xe discrete graphics card for desktop

Intel’s first dedicated graphics card for desktop will soon hit the market, which customers can purchase as part of pre-built systems. The chipmaker has announced that it has officially launched the Iris X Discrete desktop graphics card, which it has developed with partners including Asus. Intel first gave us a glimpse of the graphics chip – called the “DG1”, while in development – at CES 2020. In October last year, the first laptop with Iris X Max graphics chips by Acer, Asus and Dell went out for sale.

Now, it is also rolling out a dedicated Xe GPU for desktops, although customers may not buy it to build their own rigs. Intel is shipping the chip to chip makers for pre-made PCs for small and medium businesses as well as mainstream users. As Anandtek Notes, the DG1 discrete GPU is based on Tiger Lake’s integrated GPU with almost identical specifications – the desktop version has slightly lower specs than its counterpart for laptops.

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