Intel-based iMac refreshments to be launched next week, leaked claims

Leaks on Twitter are claiming that a new Intel-based iMac may be unveiled this week, but speculated a minus radical design change awaits the introduction of the Apple Silicon system.

A pair of tweets surfaced on Saturday boasting about Apple’s imminent release strategy, most notably about its iMac lineup. Although Apple’s Mac range has been buzzing around, with considerable discussion about future silicon-based products, Intel-based Macs are still on the way during this two-year transition period.

One Tweet @Soybees first reported from leaker 9to5Mac A new Intel iMac claims to be “released this week,” with another suggestion that sources are unveiling one on Monday. If true, this would indicate that Apple is preparing a specification bump for the range rather than making any design changes.

Another leaker, @Jiriku, Further “IMac redesign for 10th generation Intel refresh not coming.”

Icons discovered in an alleged iOS 14 build in June suggested that Apple was redesigning the iMac with the same design language as the iPad Pro, using thinner bezels. It also seems plausible that Apple will look forward to a major change to the iMac internal for the introduction of the redesigned product, lending itself to the design being used with Apple Silicon.

While neither Twitter account is known to have a credible track record at the moment, both have been created in 2020, and have not gained fame for their revelations, there may be little in their statements. A July 19 tweet from prominent leaker @ L0vetodream suggested “some products are ready to ship,” which may be considered unclear, but certainly gives some credibility to the product launch.

a DigiTimes Reports from mid-June also claimed that there will be new iMac and iPad models sometime in the second half of 2020.


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