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Instagram will let you download your data | News and opinion

Facebook has been offering the option since 2010, but Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook, did not have it.

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Facebook has insisted that it does not possess their data. And as an example of that, the company allows you to download a copy of everything you once shared about the platform.

Now Instagram, a Facebook property, has decided to make the option available as well.

"We are building a new data portability tool," an Instagram spokesperson said in an email on Wednesday. " You will soon be able to download a copy of what you shared on Instagram, including your photos, videos and messages."

Instagram has not indicated when the tool will arrive, but the company's father, Facebook, promised to better protect the privacy of people in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Earlier this month, Facebook revealed that up to 87 million users sold their personal data to a UK political consultant who worked for Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

The controversy has caused people to download their Facebook data to see what they know about them. Since 2010, Facebook has made the option available, but Instagram did not offer that feature.

The full scope of the Instagram data portability tool is unclear. But in the case of Facebook, the service will provide a complete file of your photos, messages and profile information, in addition to telling you which advertisers have your contact information.

Another benefit of the data portability tool is how you can make it easier to stop Instagram. Anyone can delete their account on the platform, but to download a copy of their content, they must resort to an external service such as InstaPort or Digi.Me


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