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Instagram Stories gets the option to share the “quote tweet” style feed – TechCrunch

The following feature of great Instagram stories could allow you to flatter or speak badly about other people's posts, or insert a "see post" button to promote yours. A TechCrunch reader sent us these screenshots of the new feature, which Instagram has confirmed to a small subset of users. "We are always trying ways to make it easy to share any time with friends at Instagram," a spokesperson wrote. Now those moments can include immersion in people.

Instagram has never had a real "come back" function with the feed, just lots of unofficial and sometimes fraudulent applications, but this is perhaps the closest thing. Users often post screen feed posts and share them in Stories with overlapping comments, but this limited the options for trimming and commenting. Making an "official exchange" could unlock all kinds of new user behaviors, from curating memes to casting shadows of books to social stars who make fun of their publications in their Stories. Brands would love to use their stories to cross-promote a large advertising campaign. The use of Stories to generate more I like and comments on permanent publications could help them gain more visibility in the Instagram feed ranking algorithm.

This is how the feed publishing function works on Instagram. You choose any public and permanent publication of Instagram and press a button to insert it into your story. You can touch to change the design and highlight or minimize the author of the publication, move it and resize it within the publication of the story and add comments or images with the creative tools of Instagram. When people see the story, they can click on the insert to display the "view publication" button that opens the permanent publication.

Users who do not want their publications to be "cited" can be disabled in their configuration, and only public publications can be shared. Facebook says it has no details on a wider potential release beyond the small percentage of users who currently have access. But given the popularity of applications like Repost For Instagram, I hope the feature will be popular and finally open to everyone.

Quote-Storying could help keep the feed relevant as more users spend their time sharing the little bubbles above that. And it offers a powerful viral discovery mechanism for creators who can now ask fans to quickly share their publication instead of having to clumsily capture it and upload it.

While Instagram and Snapchat allowed people to send messages from other people to friends as private messages, Snapchat lacks a way to insert other stories or discover content in their story. Snapchat may have pioneered the Stories format, but Instagram has been iterating quickly with features like Super Zoom and Highlights to extend its user account on the application it cloned.

Instagram's decision further unites the three parts of its application: the permanent feed, ephemeral stories and direct private messages. You can imagine someone finding a post in the feed, sharing it with their story, and then joking with friends about Direct. It is this use of multimodal social media that turns occasional users into & # 39; Grammers & # 39; loyal and advertising generators.

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