Instagram created a rich story interface for the desktop

Instagram is making its Stories feature more complete on the desktop. Today, in a small interface refresh, the company is updating its Stories feature so that it opens to show the carousel of the video, which describes what has happened next and the content that has just been played. From this interface, viewers can click on whatever story they want to see. This is preferred if the small circles at the top of the users’ feed are large and full-screen.

This is a minor change, but it rounds out the desktop feature and makes it more attractive to use, especially when people are on their computers more often while working from home. For most of the time, Instagram has kept the stories unchanged for years. The format is as usual, in which the positions are short-lived.

Most changes to the format of Instagram come as creative tools, such as stickers for small businesses and New fonts. For now, Instagram is strongly focused on the reels, with its Tiktok contestants receiving small updates to keep it fresh with stories.

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