Instagram and TikTok videos in Google’s new carousel search

The illustration for an article called Google is a short video carousel that will test the surface of Instagram and TikTok videos Will test

Photo: LOIC VENANCE / Contributor (Getty Images)

Google is reportedly conducting a new trial Mobile search facility TikTok and Instagram will surface the video in its dedicated carousel – a clear answer to the search giant’s growing appetite for short-video video content.

The new feature will expand on a test feature launched by Google earlier this year that nested a carousel of “short videos” within the Personal Video Search tab. While the original version of the feature focused on collecting videos from Google-owned platforms such as YouTube and the short-form video project Tangi, Instagram and TikTok content will reportedly be included in the update.

This step is likely to help Google maintain usagers who just want to let their eyes shine as an excuse to stop feeling anything for a while and see a cat in pajama pants for a few minutes. Everyone. To wit, when a user clicks on a short video in the carousel, it will be directed to the web version of its original platform rather than being taken to its respective platform – which means users have to hit the back button and return They will be more likely to fall into an endless scroll-hole than Google.

Google spokesman confirmed this Techcrunch The feature is currently being tested on mobile devices, but states that the carousel is still in its early stages and is not yet visible with every search query.

The new “short video” carousel is still completely different from the “Stories” feature that Google unveiled in October 2020 for its search app for iOS and Android. Previously known as “AMP Stories”, these stories have been compiled by a short material. Google’s list of digital publishing partners, including Forbes, USA Today, Vice, Now This, Currents, Thrillist and others.


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