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Instagram added two new features to Stories

  Instagram Stories Instagram

  • Instagram updated its Stories feature in
  • The application will now automatically save the User Stories
    your file page.
  • A new Highlights area will allow users to promote
    Particular stories in their profile pages.

Instagram is intensifying its battle with Snapchat.

The Facebook photo sharing application on Tuesday added two new ones
capabilities to its Stories feature, a direct copy of
recent feature in Snap. With the new capabilities, Instagram
users will be able to save and continue to show more easily
their oldest stories.

One of the updates is a feature that will automatically archive
Stories of users after they expire. Previously, you could only use
the file function to manually save photo and video posts, but
no stories

You can access your Stories file in the same way as your
Archived entries: by touching the clock icon in the upper right corner
Hand corner of your profile page. On your file page, you can
Switch between Stories and publications by touching the arrow next to the
word "File" at the top of the screen.

 Instagram stories update Instagram

Automatic story file is another Snapchat feature
that Instagram has copied. Snap launched its own version, called
Memories, last year.

The other Instagram update is related to your new Stories file.
Users can now take Stories that they have archived and add them to a
Highlights the section at the top of your profile page. To add a
profile highlighted, touch the circle in the upper left of your
profile page.

 Instagrams update 2 Instagram

The updates occur only a week after Snap launched a redesign of
Snapchat. Instagram has been competing hard with Snapchat in
the last months, coinciding with the function of almost Snap for the function.

He has been particularly successful with his Stories feature. In
April, only a few months after launching the show, Instagram stories
reached 200 million daily active users, exceeding 158 million
active daily users that Snap had in general at that time.

The ability to add Stories to highlights is likely to attract
younger users of Instagram, many of whom pay close attention to
their digital characters and do everything possible to develop their
personal brands Many younger users spend hours carefully
healing the photos they have on their profile pages. the
The feature of highlighted stories will offer you another way to
personalize your pages.

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